Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To go sailing

I've got a sudden whim to go sailing. Yes, this thought blossomed in my mind out of the blue. I wonder how it would be to go far away from the land. Swayed by the waves, hope that to be gentle rather than a storm.I would like to gaze at the horizon for endless hours, may be see a whale or shark. Well, am feeling like writing a poem now...Let me do..

I've got a sudden whim
To go sailing;
Yes, Surely out of the blue
This thought blossomed;
Swayed gently by the waves
Gazing the horizon;

Immersed in the sparkling luster
Caressed by breeze;
Listening to sounds of ocean
Luxuriously happily relaxed;

I imagined myself in the sea, living each of this line and now am absolutely calm!! :-) Wow, Awesome!! (patting myself)


  1. Good when r u taking me for sailing???

  2. Immediately after you gift me a sailboat :-) real one dear! ;-)

  3. Nice one.. i also felt relaxed reading this :)..but only one thing konjam dictionary use panna vendiyatha erunthuchu :)

    Albert - Cruise'ku oru plan pottunga :)


I appreciate your valuable comments, Thanks!


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