Sunday, August 24, 2014

Memorable Teacher Appreciation gift

Teachers shape our lives
They make it bright
Teachers guide our ways
Saying thanks is right!

Every year we have a new teacher who does her/his part in molding our lives. Come year end, we move on to a higher level leaving the teacher behind. But they will stay in our hearts forever. How about giving them a small token of love and appreciation? That's what we do for the kids' teachers, most prevalently in the US. There is a Teachers Appreciation Week in the month of May. Apart from that we can also show our gratitude by the year end.  I took up that charge in my son's preschool in May 2012. We had two wonderful teachers.
Teachers' day is close by and I thought it would be appropriate to publish my long awaiting post.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Image:Thanks Google
Is it right? Is it wrong?
Does it possess a moral sense?
What will he think?
What will she think?
Doesn't matter at all
What the conscience thinks
Is the most appropriate
Ethically, legally and morally!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Watermelon summer craft

I bought dates which was packed in a styrofoam tray. After transferring the dates to an air-tight box, I rinsed the styrofoam tray and let it dry thinking to do something with that later. Coincidentally I had bought watermelon that day. Something brightened inside me that I painted the tray red and let it dry. But I didn't do anything further because of other chores. Then I came across the summer food challenge in Open minded crafting challenges blog. Thereafter I finished my styrofoam watermelon.

And then I cut it into slices so that I get a nice shaped ones. And of course, Cinderella was happy to join me over tea watermelon. :)

Quench your thirst with watermelon this summer.

Linking this to Open Minded Crafting Fun Challenges challenge #16 - Summer food.


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