Friday, September 13, 2013

Is it home? Is it not home?

Is it home?
The place you were born
Where you took your first breath
Or the place you grew up...
Where you feel insecure!!

Is it not home?
The place you are respected
Where you have freedom
The place your opinions are valued...
Where you feel secure!!

What is home?
Is it just a place
Isn't it  linked with feelings?
What is home?
What is not home?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The ones which joined the dots

The one who took the screaming me 
From my dad 
First day of school

The one who stopped me 
From chasing the monkey which took my banana
At the Silver Cascade

The one who helped me hoist the flag
And lead the pledge
Hoisting the leader in me

The one who kept a bet 
Trusting me to win a competition
Am happy I stood up to her trust

The one who gave me double-promotion
And accepted when I didn't take it
Making me feel proud

The one who said "Am fine, always sweet sixteen"
Letting the words echo  in me
Making me feel so

The one who asked me what I was doing
When the whole class was making noise
Giving me responsibility

The one who couldn't accept me
Loosing a single mark

They are 'The Ones' which shaped me
Joining the scattered dots

I remember each one of them
With equal gratitude and joy

Those 'ones' are my teachers
Everliving in my heart!

Happy Teacher's Day! to my dear teachers and all the teachers!


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