Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Approaching a fresh new year!

Sometimes I feel like going back
To sweet old memories days!
I wonder if I could hold the clock's hand
And walk anticlockwise a few years!
To relive few evergreen moments
And to change few gray moments!
That would be beautifully wonderful,
Nevertheless it might change green ones too!
So I settle wisely to embrace
The new year along with sweet memories!
Hoping earnestly to shape more greener,
More sweeter, joyous days ahead!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Dived, immersed, searched, got lost, enlightened, confused,... yeah yeah, am coming to the point. I've been doing all these and more for a while, to ascertain at least the bottom step in photography for me. 
My D80 captured many scenes and objects and would have wondered why I was deleting those pics within minutes! I switched between modes, adjusted exposure, ISO, white balance, focus and huh.., excuse me, that's all I remember! :-) After doing all those, sometimes I was completely clueless on what was happening! But yes, that happens when we learn something I guess. I read so many articles and sometimes ended up making a kichadi out of those!!  After all those endeavors, I got this apple. To my eyes, after many failures, this appears good. But still I feel something is missing. The point is , shhhhh, come near, "I don't know".

So please folks, tell me your opinions, real opinions!

Friday, December 9, 2011


This snow man comes at anytime of the year, with or without snow! May be he is a cousin of snowman - he is cotton man!! Beware he is spicy too, with pepper eyes and mouth!
We had fun creating this cottonsnowman, but he is little wobbly! Thats no problem as I can use him as a puppet!


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