Friday, December 16, 2011


Dived, immersed, searched, got lost, enlightened, confused,... yeah yeah, am coming to the point. I've been doing all these and more for a while, to ascertain at least the bottom step in photography for me. 
My D80 captured many scenes and objects and would have wondered why I was deleting those pics within minutes! I switched between modes, adjusted exposure, ISO, white balance, focus and huh.., excuse me, that's all I remember! :-) After doing all those, sometimes I was completely clueless on what was happening! But yes, that happens when we learn something I guess. I read so many articles and sometimes ended up making a kichadi out of those!!  After all those endeavors, I got this apple. To my eyes, after many failures, this appears good. But still I feel something is missing. The point is , shhhhh, come near, "I don't know".

So please folks, tell me your opinions, real opinions!


  1. Am like a person who don't know to cook, but can taste it. So "adjusted exposure, ISO, white balance etc," are like '#$$%^@!&' to me :-). To keep long story short - naachu photography, Vino's Pradhi aache :-). Ennakkum sollithanga Grace, I will have a try in my Canon SLR :)

  2. Srini, sollithara alavukku theriyadhu :-)

  3. Grace, I do not know anything about photography to comment on the settings. But the picture looks awesome..


I appreciate your valuable comments, Thanks!


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