Tuesday, July 15, 2014

'A' words scrapbook - Kindergarten activity

My son who is in Kindergarten had a weekend assignment to make a scrapbook with 'a' vowel words. So we sat down with a bunch of newspapers and magazines. I helped him cut out the words by himself and paste in the 'A' shape papers I had cut out. I told him that we'll select a word that begins with 'a' and then do the scrapbook in that object's shape. But he opted to make it in 'A' shape itself and it sounded intelligent to me.

It was funny to watch him search for 'a' words while I could see many of them popping before my eyes. :) We absolutely loved making this project together. I actually want to do more ;-)

Bumblebee too was happy to see this :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Newspaper Photo Frame - DIY

Cut out rectangular strips from newspaper. Roll them tightly with a pencil applying glue at the beginning and end. Remove the pencil. Many many such paper rolls. Then glue few of them together, (I glued 15 rolls) to make the base of the frame.

Paint it once dry. Then glue two on the lengthwise edges. Glue two over the breadth wise edges leaving gap on one side for a photo to be inserted. Paint these rolls too. Then cut out small circles from a paper roll and make a flower with those.
Use two rolls to make a stand at the back for the frame to stand. 
My son wanted a picture from TopGear mag to be displayed on his table.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pop-up Birthday Card - DIY

Birthday card for neighbouring princess Tweesha.
I made the pop-up card from cardboard and pasted red constructed paper on the outside. My son chose red color for his little friend Tweesha who is turning three today.
I made the flowers from the tie-and-die napkin which I had made earlier.

The card is handwritten by my younger son. He wanted to write "Happy Birthday Happy Journey". I asked, "Why journey?" He said, "Life is a journey"!! And he is just 5 years old!! :)
He also painted the little flower at the bottom. He wanted purple flowers because that's Tweesha's favorite colour. He was so excited to make the card and couldn't wait for the party time!!

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Paper napkin tie-and-die

Take a paper napkin and put rubber bands here and there. Draw around the rubber band with markers. Sprinkle drop of water over the marked area and leave it for sometime. The colour will spread. After sometime carefully remove the rubber bands and smooth out the paper napkin. You will see beautiful tie and die art.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Building with books - fun activity

 My kids' bookshelves were all mixed up and I've been getting uncomfortable seeing that. And today I asked my son to build a book bridge thinking that will lead to the books being arranged back again. My son was not interested in making a bridge, but to build a multistory house along with multistory car parking.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Caterpillar, Catepillar where were you hiding? - DIY

I had a bunch of these colorful plastic balls which my sons had outgrown. I tried giving those off to my neighbours, but they each had a set already. These light weight plastic balls are so universal, you see. :) Anyways, I found a boy in the neighbourhood who could play with these and gave a few to him. But few more had successfully been hiding for a while before I collected those and just put in a closet, thinking someday I will use those.

Scrap painting with crayons

Apply a light color as a first later. Here we made it colorful just for fun.

Cover the paper with a second color, a darker shade. Here we applied blue. You could try scraping the picture in this step, but since the bottom layer is thick we went on for a third layer of darker shade, black.


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