Thursday, July 3, 2014

Building with books - fun activity

 My kids' bookshelves were all mixed up and I've been getting uncomfortable seeing that. And today I asked my son to build a book bridge thinking that will lead to the books being arranged back again. My son was not interested in making a bridge, but to build a multistory house along with multistory car parking.
My son wanted a staircase too, and we couldn't make one big enough with lego blocks. So we left that.
Next we built a house, kind of parking (which my son is not at all happy about), and even a dog house.

We named the street mulberry street and kept the book, "And to think that I saw it in mulberry street' in the front to serve as name board (clever idea).

And then we wanted to say there is no place like our house. So we kept the book "there is no place like space" on the other side.

'Cars' books made the car parking. And '101 dalmatians' made the roof for the kennel.

Well, this turned out to be a very interesting activity, while also discovering many books we haven't read for long.

And coming back to the arranging the shelf part - it rained on my salt heap!! Yes, my plan of making the kids to arrange didn't work out. My younger one didn't want to arrange because he wants to continue making structures tomorrow too. Even I would love to do it again. So I arranged the books, but not perfectly, anticipating more construction work.

My initial plan for a book bridge came from Sparkling Buds, thanks to Dhiyana.

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