Thursday, July 26, 2012

The strolls I cherish

There was a large dusty ground in the middle of the small town, a majestic church over its circumference and lanes of houses on the other side opposite to the church. I remember running across the ground to the church with a scarf over my head. I used to occupy the front row religiously and sometimes rewarded  with a chocolate by the parish priest during Sunday class. I used to have fun in that town where my grandfather worked. My dad had to go for a training and so me, my mom and my sisters were there in my grandfather's house, for 6 months if am not wrong.  I was studying UKG in Kodai when we had to go to that town. I attended school in the town for the time being. It was the only school in that town, with the  medium of instruction being Tamil . I was put in first standard and enjoyed being there, as I was ahead of the local kids and the teacher would always ask me to keep my mouth closed whenever she asked some questions to the class. But I used to answer mischievously every time and then she would ask me to stand outside! I was ahead not because I was a smart kid, but maybe because, techically that was my second year going to school (UKG after LKG) than my classmates there. Sometimes the teacher used to ask me to stretch my hand and give one with a long stick, for answering, what an irony!  :-) I can't say I was  mischievous, but I enjoyed to the fullest. I remember many things from that part of my life. I was famous as my grand father's pethi (grand daughter) and a good pious girl. :-) Its true, believe me! :-)

Well, our house was in one of the lanes perpendicular to the church. The front door opened to one lane (lane 1) and the back door led to a open space which then descended like a small hill to the next lane (lane 2). My appayi (grandma) would take me through the front door, drop me in school and go back home through the playground and then through lane 1. But I think she must have gone crazy seeing me back in the house. Yes, I would climb the small hill from lane 2 and I would be in the house even before she could reach home!
I remember shooing the crows away from the dry fish spread in the backyard. I remember my grandma cleaning fish with saambal (ash). The thread-cot, the chickens and the baskets used to cover them - I remember all of those well.

I remember a few more things but I cherish one thing more than all the above. Yes, my time with my great-grand-father (பூட்டன்)! He lived in a different village, but was visiting for some days, I think. He would take me out for a walk - from our house to the petty-kadai at the corner of the lane. He would get newspaper for him and a banana for me. This was our ritual though I don't remember the number of days we did that. It was a small walk and a banana, but the memories it had carved in the depth of my heart- that matters most. I loved my great grandfather and still love him a lot. He had even visited us in Kodaikanal and we went for walks there too. And one day a nail on the side of the road poked his foot and it was bleeding. I was very sorry for him. I also remember visiting him and my great-grand-mother in our native village. He used to have a box of candies known as 'thaen mittai'. hmmm yummm :-) He gave me the bottle-green hand kerchiefOnce I tried sweeping the courtyard with a broom made of sticks taken from coconut leaves. I must have been in my 3rd or 4th std. I gave one big sweep and the dry leaves from one side flew all around. Then I gave another big sweep in the opposite direction and the leaves flew in different direction. My thatha came and scolded me and taught me to bend low and sweep gently. Even now, sometimes while sweeping my house I remember him.

Then one day in school, during my fifth standard, my Social Studies teacher asked our class who all had great grand parents. I raised my hand so proudly and happily. The very next day my great grand father went to the heavens. :-( I don't remember why my teacher asked that question but I started hating him for that.
I cherish my time with my 'poochandi thatha', yes we used to call him like that, but again don't know how he got that name. Those little strolls with him are cherished fondly in my heart!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oil over Water painting

Oil and water never mix. We used this fact or tested this fact, whatever it was, we made some interesting painting and had fun. We mixed in different color tempera paint with oil in different bowls. And then we filled half of a pan with water. Then we took paint in the fingers and dropped them on the surface. We also used the back tip of paint brush to paint gently across the water surface. It was very interesting to do this and watch the colorful paint floating on the surface of water. We also spread sheets of paper over the water and got some paintings. Though I wanted the paper to only float on the surface we ended up immersing it.

We didn't get more colorful pictures on the paper, but hope I will try again with more colors.

Bottle Green handkerchief

Image:thanks to the internet

With soft hair flowing down my shoulders over the biscuit colored frock I was wearing, I hopped merrily holding my great granddad's hand. Yes, I had all the reasons for a little girl to be happy. My grand dad was visiting and we were on the way to the famous and most-sought Kodai lake for some boating. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

இனிமையினும் இனிமை

பலதிங்கள் காணாத என்னுயிர் தோழி வருகிறாள்
அளவளாவ வாசல் செல்லவில்லை நான்!
கன்னல் சாறும் வெல்லப் பாகும் வேண்டுமா என்றாள்
மனையில் நுழைவதற்கு முன்பே, வேண்டாம் என்றேன் !
தித்திக்கும் தேனும் முக்கனியும் வேண்டுமா என்றாள்
மறுத்தே உரைத்தேன் ஒரே சொல்!
ஏதேனும் எடுத்துக்கொள், எல்லாம் மறுத்தால் எப்படி  என்றாள் !
"எதுவும் மறுக்கவில்லை, அனைத்தும் வெகுத்தம்  உண்கிறேன்" என்றேன்
அனைத்தும் உண்கிறாயா?, என்றே உள்ளே வந்தனள்
"மெய்யுரைத்தாய்! தொந்திரவு செய்யவில்லை!" என்றே சென்றாள் !
கண்ணே! உன்னை நெஞ்சோடு அணைத்து உச்சிமுகர்ந்து
கண்மூடி அமர்ந்திருந்த என் இன்பநிலை கண்ட என் தோழி!

குழந்தையை அணைத்து பூரித்திருந்த தாய் தோழியைக் காண மான்போல் துள்ளி ஓடவில்லை, இனிப்பாய் எல்லாம் உண்கிறேன் என்கிறாள். அவ்வளவு இனிமையாது தாய்மையின் பூரிப்பு, நிறைவானது குழந்தை தரும் மகிழ்ச்சி!.

புது சொல்:
வெகுத்தம் - நிறைவாய், மிகுதி

My dearest friend whom I haven't seen for months comes home
I did not run outside to chat with her
"Do you want sugarcane juice and jaggery?"
She called out from outside, before entering
I said, "No"!
"Do you want delicious honey and 'mango,banana and jackfruit'?"
I said the same one word, No.
"Please accept something, why do you reject everything? "She asked.
I said, "Am not rejecting anything, but having all in abundance"
Asking "Having everything in abundance?", she entered inside
"You said the truth, am not disturbing you" Saying this she went out!
"My dear! She had seen me holding you close to my heart
With eyes closed and my face on your head!" 

mango,banana and jackfruit is called mukkani in Tamil and I have used that word in the Tamil poem.
I tried translating it for my non-Tamil speaking friends, but I think it doesn't do total justification to the feeling which I had described in Tamil.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ice fishing

put small things, fill with water and freeze


kids find things in ice as it melts


Monday, July 2, 2012

To the Summer Sun, From the Earth

Oh bright star closest to me
Why are you so angry on me?
You are being very harsh these days
My heart is wilting, I feel bruised and shattered;

I turn to my reserves but your displeasure reflects in them
For the lakes and rivers too are heating up in your blaze;
In your wrath you have taken away the chill from them
In your blaze do not take them away from me!

My life spins around you for ages and ages
In your wrath don't make me barren
For then, no life will look upon you,
Give you a green smile or sing at your arrival!


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