Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dreaming doesnt harm, right?

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A day has reached its end and the sun is ready to set in around an hour or so. The cuckoo staying in my clock coos 5 times. I am in my kitchen amidst the flavour of the boiling tea. No sooner did I switch off the burner than my son shouts in joy "Appa Appa". Here my sweet heart enters the door with a warm smile. He picks up my son, turns towards me and says " hi Darling, where's the little one?" "He is sleeping dear", with that I peek at my younger one to make sure he is comfortably sleeping. My husband changes and comes as I bring the tray of tea and milk for my elder son. We sit together, chit chat about the day and enjoy the tea time.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Most joyful thing

I was out of my blog for long. But thats for a valid and good reason. I had my second baby, a lovely boy. My first boy is a cute kid of age 4. I had both joyful and frustrating times with my two boys. And let me hurry up, I just have 15 min in my hand...I had put my baby to sleep and waiting for my big boy to come back from his preschool.
I feel the most joyful thing in the world is to lie down next to your baby and talk with him. The way he responds with alls his coos... and he moves his arms and legs to express himself..I feel so much love in those movements. I could understand his each movement and "words". Such a lovely and joyful feeling making my heart sink in a puddle of icy cold chocolate-wow.. :) And I also wonder his love is unconditional, unaware of many things which people expect to love each other..The baby's love is so innocent and so true..I wish I could enjoy each and every fraction of a moment with my baby. And here I hear my big prince's van and I sign off now..see you take care


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