Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mother's stroll with her son

A mother, with her child walking along
Hand in hand as a sweet song;
She plucked a small flower very white
Gave it to her son with smile bright;
Walked past the quiet turn on the road
To tread a different one though loud;
Walked past a construction site
Talking about beams and basement;
Childish glad to see roosters, five not one
Adorning each a splendid red crown;
Joyous were they to relish tender coconut
Perfect evening walk for a mom and son

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Enjoy each day

Gosh, I've won atlast. Wonder what have I won? Read on...I woke up at 6am and I thought how nice it would be if I sleep for some more minutes. Since that cannot be afforded, I booted my thoughts. What day is today.... and yes, I remembered its my friend's birthday. Thats good enough a reason to celebrate this day.
I was up, brushed, took the milk from outside and headed to my work cabin, the kitchen. I would rather say part of my work cabin as my whole house is my work area - I am on my feet all around the house. Well, back to the topic. Today I decided that I'll take time to have my tea, after all its my friend's birthday. I put the dal to be pressure cooked and cut onions while the tea was boiling. Then I mixed complan for my sweet elder son and was about to go wake him up. But it was just 6.45. I usually wake him up by 7, so I kept aside the milk and prepared for baby corn fritters. That would be my son's snack today. I got immersed in my work that it became 7.05 am. Oh no, I will enjoy my tea with my son and cook only then. Its my friend's birthday and thats well enough a reason to enjoy myself.
Few kisses and cuddles to bring my son up from his pillow. And we enjoyed drinking tea and milk together. It was 7.20 and usually I take my son to bath at 7.30. So I headed back to work.
Paruppu keerai and egg curry is today's menu for lunch. It was half over and again I shifted work to making my son ready for school. He left for school and I thought I'll wash his karate dress which I had soaked. "No, I have reason to celebrate and relax", so I put on music and danced with my younger son. Then after washing and bath thought of blogging. But my younger one was swift to reach the system and there he sat typing seriously. I had to fight with him and won atlast. Got my first point? Good enough. And well, I enjoyed the day. You might wonder I have left few points dangling and thats fine, after all my intention is to enjoy, not to tell a well formed story. :) And tomorrow is first july, first day of a 'joly' month and so friends.... :) :) :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

crazy, but unforgettable wake up call

It was yet another day with all its excitements, hues and hurries, running behind kids and what not. After putting the kids to sleep, I think I was able to fall asleep around 2.30 AM. My husband had not come back from work. So I was on and off sleeping for a while till he returned home. Then I went to peaceful sleep. I was swinging on the moon and then playing with the stars. I heard some my dismay it was a knock at the door which brought me back to the earth. I looked at the alarm clock near my pillow. It showed 5.45 AM. With so much anger I opened the door. It was the milkman and I was puzzled as for what reason he had knocked, for I had kept the coupon for milk. And I could see he had kept the milk packets in the bag hung outside. He told me that I had only put a note to knock the door. My goodness heavens!!! My calling bell was not working and I was waiting for someone the previous day. So I had a post-it note saying "Calling bell is not working, Please knock the door." All I could say was "oh ok" and went inside back to bed, just to lay awake and curse myself for having left the note out in the night!!!!

Destiny! Depends on where you land??

This round pumpkin, shining and yellow
Landed in my shopping cart
Rolled all the way to my fridge so blue
From there it took a different path
And went right into my husband's hands
Here it is, transformed into a spooky candle holder
It would have boiled in sambar, had it been into my hands
Instead its glowing with the candle from within!!

Note: This post is dedicated to my darling husband, who took some time away from his work to save this pumpkin from boiling in my sambar! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It was 4pm and these days the Sun is generous with his heat. As usual I took my elder son to the karate class today. And "I took" implies that my active toddler also accompanied me. Well, what made me post a usual routine in my blog today? Maybe am too tired or frustrated whatever. Stay-at-home moms of more than one kid will definitely understand better. Coming back to the point...I carry my younger son and a bag of water bottles and walk with my elder son. My elder one had a fall and he was real upset. Anyways we reached the class and by the time I washed my elders son's hands, I had to run thrice behind the younger one who was ready to explore the surroundings. Then comes the real marathon. I had to go behind my toddler as he was running here and there. I wonder if I was wrong in holding him back from catching big red ants among the dry leaves. And there my action led to a tantrum. Please note it was not my toddler who threw tantrums, but my action did. :)
Then he wanted to run to the road. I didnt mind him taking a stroll holding my hands. But he did. He didnt want to hold my hands and insisted that he walked 'onto' the road. Yeah, you guessed right! This led to the next tantrum. However I managed to get back inside exhausted. Well, I had to forget taking a sip of water and run behind my toddler who was now reaching for the bikes and bicycles parked there. He wanted to sit on a bicycle and I obliged. And then comes the fun, he didnt want me to even have my hands behind him without touching him, let alone holding him. This was over and then he was determined in touching the silencer of a bike. I put up a strong battle against that. So he had to run looking for something else. He did find and he rushed to the sand. I was too exhausted that I thought let him play in the sand. But my toddler thought differently, may be he was not interested as I didnt stop him!!!! He started throwing handful of sand all around that I had to pull him out of that place. I washed his hands and managed to call up my husband just to have an energy boost :) . By the time my toddler was trying to reach out for something that he was about to fall face first. But dont worry, he has a great rescue worker in me that I leaped up in one step to hold him. To my relief the class was over. But trouble came in some other way, my elder son didnt want to come he sat there and started crying saying no reason!!!! Somehow I managed and we were on our journey, obliging to my elder one's condition that I should hold his hands. Amidst all these everybody who were waiting there were entertained well.

Its not over yet. I had to buy vegetables for which I had to convince my elder one in following me to the vegetable store. My toddler was very happy that he started picking up the tomatoes, onions and potatoes and mixing them up. I quickly grabbed few veg, gave them to the shopkeeper to be weighed and billed and in the mean time picked up my toddler and put things he had dislocated in right place. By the time I reached out for money in my purse he headed to the road twice. Third time a lady there came to my rescue that she held him while I payed. Then we started again to home. This time with extra baggage of vegetables. My toddler wanted to walk and that was a road with negligible traffic. So I thought I will let him walk so that my shoulders be relieved for sometime. But he didnt want to come with me, rather insisted on going his own way. I picked him up and walked steadily to our apartment. There the last obstacle, lift was not working. So I climbed 76 steps to my flat on the third floor. I left him down to open the door only to run after him as he was headed to the terrace. Luckily my elder son might have been happy that I walked holding his hands, he offered to open the door. I grabbed my screaming younger one and rushed inside and closed the door swiftly. I didnt let the tears roll down my cheek. Am just wondering how to handle this. I dont want to stop my elder one's classes.


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