Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Enjoy each day

Gosh, I've won atlast. Wonder what have I won? Read on...I woke up at 6am and I thought how nice it would be if I sleep for some more minutes. Since that cannot be afforded, I booted my thoughts. What day is today.... and yes, I remembered its my friend's birthday. Thats good enough a reason to celebrate this day.
I was up, brushed, took the milk from outside and headed to my work cabin, the kitchen. I would rather say part of my work cabin as my whole house is my work area - I am on my feet all around the house. Well, back to the topic. Today I decided that I'll take time to have my tea, after all its my friend's birthday. I put the dal to be pressure cooked and cut onions while the tea was boiling. Then I mixed complan for my sweet elder son and was about to go wake him up. But it was just 6.45. I usually wake him up by 7, so I kept aside the milk and prepared for baby corn fritters. That would be my son's snack today. I got immersed in my work that it became 7.05 am. Oh no, I will enjoy my tea with my son and cook only then. Its my friend's birthday and thats well enough a reason to enjoy myself.
Few kisses and cuddles to bring my son up from his pillow. And we enjoyed drinking tea and milk together. It was 7.20 and usually I take my son to bath at 7.30. So I headed back to work.
Paruppu keerai and egg curry is today's menu for lunch. It was half over and again I shifted work to making my son ready for school. He left for school and I thought I'll wash his karate dress which I had soaked. "No, I have reason to celebrate and relax", so I put on music and danced with my younger son. Then after washing and bath thought of blogging. But my younger one was swift to reach the system and there he sat typing seriously. I had to fight with him and won atlast. Got my first point? Good enough. And well, I enjoyed the day. You might wonder I have left few points dangling and thats fine, after all my intention is to enjoy, not to tell a well formed story. :) And tomorrow is first july, first day of a 'joly' month and so friends.... :) :) :)

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