Thursday, April 1, 2010

crazy, but unforgettable wake up call

It was yet another day with all its excitements, hues and hurries, running behind kids and what not. After putting the kids to sleep, I think I was able to fall asleep around 2.30 AM. My husband had not come back from work. So I was on and off sleeping for a while till he returned home. Then I went to peaceful sleep. I was swinging on the moon and then playing with the stars. I heard some my dismay it was a knock at the door which brought me back to the earth. I looked at the alarm clock near my pillow. It showed 5.45 AM. With so much anger I opened the door. It was the milkman and I was puzzled as for what reason he had knocked, for I had kept the coupon for milk. And I could see he had kept the milk packets in the bag hung outside. He told me that I had only put a note to knock the door. My goodness heavens!!! My calling bell was not working and I was waiting for someone the previous day. So I had a post-it note saying "Calling bell is not working, Please knock the door." All I could say was "oh ok" and went inside back to bed, just to lay awake and curse myself for having left the note out in the night!!!!

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