Monday, March 31, 2014

Its right to thank the teachers

My son wanted to make thank you cards  for his teachers. I told him to paint with water balloon. I forgot to take pictures of two more cards.

But here are two of the cards - with waterballoon painting on the outside and words inside.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Colorful crayon window to welcome Spring

 Draw your design in a white paper. It could be any design which you would love to display on the window.

Colour your picture with crayons. My elder son had selected to draw a color wheel. What a colorful display it would be!! I drew a flower pattern for my younger one to color.

Then turn your picture upside down. Rub vegetable oil on the backside of the paper with a piece of cotton. The oil makes the paper transparent and you can see the picture showing through.

Tab the extra oil with a tissue and then stick the paper on a window. What a lovely window art it makes!

Happy painting and decorating your windows for Spring!

Bye until next post.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Make your own gift wrapper

 My son made bracelets for his teacher before thanksgiving. And I thought it would be appealing to the teacher if he made the gift wrapper for the packing too. We made the gift wrapper in a fun way while playing with marbles. Tape the piece of paper inside a cardboard box as shown in the pic. Put few drops of paint randomly and then drop in a few marbles.

Then shake the box gently back and forth and sideways, as you like it. Watch the marbles roll and create patterns across the paper.

You can choose to use less or more paint and the number of colors. You can also choose to stop with few patterns on the sheet or entirely cover it up like my son did.

And here we are..., with colorful and beautiful gift wrappers. The teachers absolutely loved these. 

Bye until next post.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

We polar bears go ice fishing

My sons and I decided that we'll go fishing, in the ice. We also decided what 'fish' should be there and so my sons put those in a chocolate tray (handy, isnt't it?) and poured water. The tray rested in the freezer for a day.

 Here they are, my sons are ready to go fishing with they fishing forks...

Do you see different fish sleeping in their own ice cubicle. They would be released sooner....

And here they are.....

It was absolute fun for us polar bears!!!!

Bye until next post.

Friday, March 21, 2014 and counting

My boys are crazy about cars and bikes. Especially the younger one. I enjoyed doing a variety of activities (painting, crafts etc) with him until he stepped foot in preschool. Since then somehow he lost interest in doing activities with me. Wait, did I say that excludes anything to do with cars? So I have to develop interest in cars and bikes and the likes. That's the catch.

Well, I planned to introduce multiplication to my son using beans as I had done for my elder one. But my younger one was not letting me get a grip on him. Today I was determined to do something, at least for my satisfaction.

I grabbed a bunch of beans and asked him to put them two by two. He started but then took off with his Lincoln. I got hold of him again and asked how many are there in a group? How many beans in two groups? With this I could cover until 4 groups of 2 makes 8. He didn't complete the next group before taking off in his Chevy Camarro.

Now, I got hold of his Lincoln and arranged the beans over its length and counted. I said the Lincoln was 38 beans long. This attracted him near me. He measured a car and a bike with beans. Then he took of with the Lincoln. I succeeded in making him measure his feet, 10 beans long.

Anyways, this counting with beans activity would be fun for some toddlers/preschoolers who are learning to count.

Bye until my next post.

O Mankind!!

World Sparrow Day
World Forest Day
World Water Day

World Earth Day (April 22)
World Environment Day (June 5)
World Tigers Day (July 29)
How many more will you need?
To understand, O Mankind!

Wake up, get Eco friendly
Act or you won't survive
To celebrate
World Human Day!!
O Mankind!!


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