Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Colorful crayon window to welcome Spring

 Draw your design in a white paper. It could be any design which you would love to display on the window.

Colour your picture with crayons. My elder son had selected to draw a color wheel. What a colorful display it would be!! I drew a flower pattern for my younger one to color.

Then turn your picture upside down. Rub vegetable oil on the backside of the paper with a piece of cotton. The oil makes the paper transparent and you can see the picture showing through.

Tab the extra oil with a tissue and then stick the paper on a window. What a lovely window art it makes!

Happy painting and decorating your windows for Spring!

Bye until next post.


  1. Beautiful Grace.. I have a similar post in draft for Monday!:-)

    1. Thanks Dhiyana. Eagerly waiting to see the artful work :)

  2. I remember these paintings on your windows.. ithu urvanaa kathai ithu dhaanoo... nice :)

  3. fantastic idea ! looks beautiful


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