Friday, March 21, 2014 and counting

My boys are crazy about cars and bikes. Especially the younger one. I enjoyed doing a variety of activities (painting, crafts etc) with him until he stepped foot in preschool. Since then somehow he lost interest in doing activities with me. Wait, did I say that excludes anything to do with cars? So I have to develop interest in cars and bikes and the likes. That's the catch.

Well, I planned to introduce multiplication to my son using beans as I had done for my elder one. But my younger one was not letting me get a grip on him. Today I was determined to do something, at least for my satisfaction.

I grabbed a bunch of beans and asked him to put them two by two. He started but then took off with his Lincoln. I got hold of him again and asked how many are there in a group? How many beans in two groups? With this I could cover until 4 groups of 2 makes 8. He didn't complete the next group before taking off in his Chevy Camarro.

Now, I got hold of his Lincoln and arranged the beans over its length and counted. I said the Lincoln was 38 beans long. This attracted him near me. He measured a car and a bike with beans. Then he took of with the Lincoln. I succeeded in making him measure his feet, 10 beans long.

Anyways, this counting with beans activity would be fun for some toddlers/preschoolers who are learning to count.

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