Saturday, December 21, 2013

Here comes Christmas time

Here comes Christmas time
We hear the bells chime
The musical sounds vibrate
Calling us to celebrate
Filling the air with joy and love
Telling the blessings from heaven above

Fragrance of the cake baking
Elegance of the Christmas lighting
Singing of the carols
Sharing of the peace
Here comes Christmas time
We hear the bells chime

Monday, December 2, 2013

Handprint Santa

Mix equal quantity of all purpose flour (maida) and salt. Add water progressively and knead into a dough. The dough should not be sticky and should be roll-able into a ball.

Take a big lemon sized ball and roll it out, as you do for chapathi or pizza. Let your kid make a impression with hand, For smaller kids, help them by pressing each finger and the palm. Cut around the hand print leaving a small margin. Poke a hole at the top to insert string for hanging.
Bake the handprints in the oven at 100C for 3hrs. I used a OTG microwave, so I chose the convection mode and baked as mentioned ablove. Once cooled the hands are ready to be painted.

I was inspired by a pin I saw in pinterest, so I made these cute little Santa ornaments. We used acrylic paints to paint as shown and also added some red and white glitter glue for the cap and the beard once the paint was dry. One side is done and I couldn't wait to post this. Will write the name of kids and the year on the other side of these ornaments!

We also made some ornaments with cookie cutters. they are in the process of getting painted. Will post those soon.

Merry Xmas!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Let it snow...Let it snow...Let it snow

Christmas time and snow are so much fun for kids. All the decorations, gifts, cookies and playing with snow never fail to fascinate a child. This having been said, kids who don't get to play in real snow need not miss the fun. Sounds great, isn't it? These paper snowflakes add to the fun and excitement right from folding the paper, cutting, to the point of opening to see the nice snowflakes. I used the instructions from Martha Stewart.

I used different size of squares to obtain snowflakes in different sizes. Just tape the snowflakes on one side to a thread and hang it from the ceiling. You can make it into a garland, a wreath or anything your imagination leads to.
Am not sure if the picture does justice, but am sure my son is cool and excited!!! :)

I plan to do more and enjoy the 'snow'.

Happy Snowing!!

Enjoy this song from you tube.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Egg Carton Xmas Trees

Christmas season is fast approaching and what is Xmas without xmas trees. These cute little xmas trees are sure to make the kids excited and get going.

Cut out the tree shapes from the egg carton, as you can see in the picture. Paint and let it dry before adding glitter. Stick a sequin at the top. You can paint the carton cover as shown in the other pic and use that as a base. Or you can arrange your little xmas trees individually. These can be glued one over the other to give a tall and real xmas tree effect.

Hope you like it.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My chirpy friend

You sang for me my friend
Composing a new note each dawn;
Tilting your slender neck
Giving a glimpse with your tiny eyes;
Bringing smile to my face
And joy to my heart;

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Put me in the zoo

My kids and I enjoy many a books, its hard to remember all of those. When my friends ask me to recommend a book for their kids or sometimes when I plan to buy a book as a gift with little time in hand, I do forget about few good ones. What's the big issue when I do have a blog? I've been thinking to record the books we like, if not useful today am sure it would be a great recollection in the later years. So here I start, with "Put me in the zoo" by Robert Lopshire.  Sounds as if it said to me, "put me in the blog!", right?

Well, coming to the book, its a great hit with kids. First its about a dog, and what more do kids want! The story goes likes this. A dog wants to be put in the zoo. (huhhhh??). When the zoo personals refuse to do so the frustrated dog shows his tricks to a boy and girl, to convince them that he should be put in the zoo. The tricks the dog does with his spots amuses the kids. 

pic taken from our book

It kind of teaches the colors too. Anyways the boy and the girl think the dog should not be in the zoo. What!!!?? Yes, they think he should be in the circus!! :-)
Read and enjoy the book. Hope you will like it.

Note: This is just for my records and kind of a review and I intend of no copyright violation.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm a writer

I'm a writer
I write everywhere;
I write in the sky so blue,
And jot in the air too;
I squiggle over the waters,
And shed ink on the clouds;
Sometimes I engross,
Sometimes I scrawl;
Empty or Expressive, 
Its just that I contrive;
I'm a writer, 
I write everywhere;

Monday, November 11, 2013

Child talk

Ecstatic it is to hear the kids talk
Merely watch them ask silly questions,
Silly? Its wise for those little wonders;
Hearing the same for the umpteenth time
Makes me laugh, sometimes angry too;
But, Little ones are sure spring of joy-
We just have to know how to savor
For those childhood years are less in number;

Friday, November 8, 2013

Joyous Day

No great things can make my heart glad
Than a tiny little robin's aslant coo;
A crimson rose blooming from its bud
With green leaves gleaming with dew;
Such is the serenity of the first blush
Unfolding a joyous bright day all afresh;

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Many a times Many a times

Many a times Many a times
I open the notepad
Nothing just comes onto it

Many a times Many a times
I open the pen
Not a word it would write

Many a times Many a times
I open not a notepad
Words bounce rapidly before me

Many a times Many a times
I open not a pen
Words get etched in my mind

Many a times Many a times
These opening and bouncing
These opening and etching match

Those are the times Those are the times
Some fine piece is written
Some fine verse is etched

Monday, November 4, 2013

Orange fish, Black fish

Orange fish, one two and three
Shiny black one and two
Black fish, hard to count thee
Sleeping with swaying fins

Small fish wagging the fins
Are you learning to swim?
Oh no! doesn't look like it
What a cute explorer you are!

Here comes a white fish
So big with one red spot
Is that your crown?
How beautiful you are!

What are those fish?
Light orange with oval mouth
Opening constantly in rhythm
Sending up a bubble now and then

Absolute peace it is
To watch you fish
Swimming here, swimming there
Swimming everywhere!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Shower where needed

The peaceful serenity you cause
Before showering your love, the Earth
People swiftly clearing the outdoors
Birds returning to the nests

Your arrival announced by
The aroma of the sand
Clouds reverberating your majesty
Streaks of light reinforcing it brightly

You fail not to fascinate me
Captivating my senses every time
You fail not to satisfy me
Renewing me in your liveliness

Each time you open the clouds
Lavishly embracing the Earth
You certainly awake my cells
Making them bounce with joy

Won't it be wonderful
If every soul rejoices
So shower where needed
Let not anyplace be flooded

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Onions are pink

It was an usual morning and I was preparing to cook lunch. I started peeling onions and thence I told my eight year old son Alan that I will give him three letters and he should try to come up with something using those words. I told him he can use more words but those three words  should be used. Then I gave him the words - onion, red, peel. And to my joy he came up with a beautiful poem which I thought would record and share here in my blog. Well, here it goes...

"Onions are pink
Apples are red
When you peel onions your eyes water
When you peel apples your mouth waters"

I think it is indeed great and hope you all like it. 

- Proud mom :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Is it home? Is it not home?

Is it home?
The place you were born
Where you took your first breath
Or the place you grew up...
Where you feel insecure!!

Is it not home?
The place you are respected
Where you have freedom
The place your opinions are valued...
Where you feel secure!!

What is home?
Is it just a place
Isn't it  linked with feelings?
What is home?
What is not home?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The ones which joined the dots

The one who took the screaming me 
From my dad 
First day of school

The one who stopped me 
From chasing the monkey which took my banana
At the Silver Cascade

The one who helped me hoist the flag
And lead the pledge
Hoisting the leader in me

The one who kept a bet 
Trusting me to win a competition
Am happy I stood up to her trust

The one who gave me double-promotion
And accepted when I didn't take it
Making me feel proud

The one who said "Am fine, always sweet sixteen"
Letting the words echo  in me
Making me feel so

The one who asked me what I was doing
When the whole class was making noise
Giving me responsibility

The one who couldn't accept me
Loosing a single mark

They are 'The Ones' which shaped me
Joining the scattered dots

I remember each one of them
With equal gratitude and joy

Those 'ones' are my teachers
Everliving in my heart!

Happy Teacher's Day! to my dear teachers and all the teachers!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ignorance or Beauty of Life

In the infinite expanse of the Universe
Countless constellations to our imagination;
Innumerable stars and star clusters
Grouped into many many a galaxy;
Making the Earth part of one
Even the Sun a teeny spot;
In it we are but a speck
Yet we boast and take pride;
Is it ignorance?
Or the beauty of life!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Appa, its Father's Day!

Each day, each moment of my life
Not only given by you, but
Cared and sculpted by you
What is the pride of a sculpture
Without the perfection of its sculptor?

I would have remained a rock
I would have scattered into pieces
I would have been covered in soil
But for you, My Dear Dad!
I am a fine sculpture!

I love you each day of my life
I am grateful each day of my life
So why this Fathers day?
I shouldn't miss
While the whole world thanks
And celebrates Fathers Day!
So I too scribble something
Each letter soaked with gratitude
And Love too!
Happy Fathers Day!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Robin's company for a while

The metal bench on the grass
Glistening under the sun
I took a seat on it
I sat not in solitude
For a robin hopped closer
She glanced left and right
While examining the grass
She would do a few hops
Before she rested for a while
Until she spotted a wiggly worm
She picked him up
And flew away quickly
May be to her chicks in the nest

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

I just go around doing the normal tasks around the house. Yes, wait wait, am going to tell that. Normal tasks including yelling at kids and being lazy sometimes. Well, that having been said I'll come to the point of this post. Then one day comes called Mother's day! Whether they do it on their own or do it at school upon being instructed, kids do some cards for mother. And you can't imagine how much those cards touch my heart and make it melt. I feel like am standing on top of the world (don't ask if that is in the North Pole). Those cards make me feel as if am the ONLY best mom in the whole wide world! Well ladies, don't come to hit me..I agree there are many out there.

I have to be behind my eight year old to unpack after school, change dress after coming from outside, wash hands etc etc. But what a surprise! He collects ingredients for a cake with so much precision that I feel like a fool. He preheats the oven, mixes the ingredients in a bowl and bakes a delicious cake. And of course the 'worrying me' puts the pan in the oven, but am sure if I let him do it he will do carefully.
And the next day comes and again am behind him to unpack...

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Love

My Love, here's your birthday
May you be blessed in bounty 
I do not carry any gift in my hands
I have kept them free to hold yours

Indeed I was caught 
By the thought 
To give you a present
To make your day pleasant

Darling! I went to buy a bouquet
The flowers said , 'Your love,
Is brighter and more fragrant'
So I went to buy a gemstone
All the gems rattled, 'Your love,
Is precious than all of us combined'

So I went to buy a dress
Which too rustled, 'Your love,
Does not have wear and tear'
So I looked up at the sky
Only to see the moon hide

Wondering what to gift you
Strolled I, clueless wasn't I?
Caressed by the breeze
An idea bloomed in my sense
And here am I, having filled 
The air with my love, all around

That is my gift unseen
Yet always with you
No matter where you are
My Love will be there
Happy Birthday!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Would you like a cup of tea?

What a wonderful day it had been! And am here writing it in my blog. Well, that cup of magic which awakened my mind and made my fingers dance here on the keyboard, is nothing other than TEA! What a wonderful delicious drink is it! And more special when you have it with a dear friend chatting as if only the two of you exist there with a teapot of tea. How many flavors are there and how delicious they all are!
As I write, I give many quotes here about tea in blue color!

“What kind of tea do you want?"
"There´s more than one kind of tea?...What do you have?"
"Let´s see... Blueberry, Raspberry, Ginseng, Sleepytime, Green Tea, Green Tea with Lemon, Green Tea with Lemon and Honey, Liver Disaster, Ginger with Honey, Ginger Without Honey, Vanilla Almond, White Truffle Coconut, Chamomile, Blueberry Chamomile, Decaf Vanilla Walnut, Constant Comment and Earl Grey."
-"I.. Uh...What are you having?... Did you make some of those up?” 
 Bryan Lee O'Malley, Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life

When you are offered tea and you accept, that is the beginning of a wonderful time!
“In Ireland, you go to someone's house, and she asks you if you want a cup of tea. You say no, thank you, you're really just fine. She asks if you're sure. You say of course you're sure, really, you don't need a thing. Except they pronounce it ting. You don't need a ting. Well, she says then, I was going to get myself some anyway, so it would be no trouble. Ah, you say, well, if you were going to get yourself some, I wouldn't mind a spot of tea, at that, so long as it's no trouble and I can give you a hand in the kitchen. Then you go through the whole thing all over again until you both end up in the kitchen drinking tea and chatting. 

In America, someone asks you if you want a cup of tea, you say no, and then you don't get any damned tea.

I liked the Irish way better.” 
 C.E. Murphy, Urban Shaman

Well, me and my dear friend discussed castles in Ukraine over a calendar with beautiful pictures of castle. We talked about moats around few forts in India. We also discussed some traditions from Russia and Tamilnadu! Making cakes, soaking raisins in rum, mango leaves being antibacterial and antiviral, aviyal (mixed vegetables curry), breads and lot more!

“A cup of tea would restore my normality.” 
 Douglas Adams 

“Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea! How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea.” 
 Sydney Smith, A memoir of the Rev. Sydney Smith

“Some people will tell you there is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea.” 
 Ralph Waldo Emerson, Letters and Social Aims

We also discussed about Science, art, and went over beautiful pictures in a calender, which had beautiful pictures from the State Hermitage Museum! See one of the pictures,  Madonna from the Annunciation. 
“Who would then deny that when I am sipping tea in my tearoom I am swallowing the whole universe with it and that this very moment of my lifting the bowl to my lips is eternity itself transcending time and space?” 
 D.T. Suzuki, Zen and Japanese Culture

If you are cold, tea will warm you.  If you are too heated, it will cool you.  If you are depressed, it will cheer you.  If you are excited, it will calm you.  ~Gladstone, 1865

What a collection of tea calendars my friend had! All with so many beautiful pictures of tea pots, tea cups and all the decor. Just brightening our spirits! Then we had English tea with slices of lemon, sprinkling sugar over the slices. What a treat! Now we know how important and enlightening tea is!!
No wonder there are so many quotes about tea! I enjoyed the tea and sharing the pics and quotes with you!!!! 

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.  ~Japanese Proverb

Coffee is not my cup of tea.  ~Author Unknown

Remember the tea kettle - it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it still sings!  ~Author Unknown

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly

What a nice time it was! It was definitely a good 'Tea' party! Thanks to my friend!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Jelly fish in a bottle

Take a rectangular sheet of plastic paper. pinch its center and tie it loosely like a balloon. Cut the remaining plastic into strips. Pour little water in to the balloon part, that is the head of the jelly fish.

Pour water in a bottle and add food coloring. Then put the jelly fish inside. Shake and move the bottle around to see the jelly fish float. :)

You can cut less number of strips and discard the remaining plastic. It will appear more neat. I didn't have that patience! ;-)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Swiss Family Robinson

These days, I look for movies which I and kids could watch together. I have seen quite a few and all of a sudden I thought it might be helpful if I record those films. May be we could see those later again. So here I start..
Yesterday we watched a movie named 'Swiss Family Robinson'. Its a 1960 Walt Disney movie. A family traveling to New Guinea gets shipwrecked. The captain and the crew abandon the ship and the family is left alone in the broken ship. They manage to get to a tropical island nearby. The family of three boys with their parents try to do their best to stay alive and happy. The elder boys and the father bring as much stuff as possible from the broken ship and build a tree house. They also try to find out if there was any population nearby. In the mean time they discover pirates who are roaming nearby. The family works together a plan to fight the pirates. Finally when the pirates arrive, the family fights them off bravely.

It is a great story about staying together as a family in all circumstances. Would love to watch again one day with my boys.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Day as good as you

Gentle shower
Gentle as your love
Calm trees
Calm as you
Cute dew on the grass
Cute as you
Cool breeze embracing me
Cool as my sweet heart
The day is good
As good as you, my Love

Written on 9-13-06, after having gone for a drive in the woods...

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby, the ultimate treasure!

Cute little angel sent from God above
Smiling, cooing, swinging tiny arms and legs
Tiny eyes gazing around the new world 
Innocent but deep gaze into my eyes
Makes my joyful heart leap without bounds
What world's treasure can stand before this!

Note: I had written this when my first son Hani was born, sometime in the first two months.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Insensible rain

Rain Rain go away from here
Go someplace else 
Where you are most needed
Where crops await your shower;

Go someplace else
Where cracked and barren lands
Could not even call for you 
With dry throats, go revive those;

Rain Rain go away from here
Go someplace else
Do not flood the lands here
While some are longing for you;

Go someplace else
Where you would be most welcome
Look properly from your high conveyance above 
And shower wisely, Oh insensible rain;

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Impetuous Squirrel

The rampant squirrel munching on an acorn
Made an impetuous leap across the road
Luck was sure on his side for the reason
I was driving leisurely taking in nature's scene

I pressed my foot heavily on the brakes 
Waited for a moment trying to ascertain
If the thoughtless creature escaped my wheels
Gleefully relieved was I for it hopped back onto the side

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A smile given to someone
Acknowledges the person
Also brightens your day;

Smile could be given
To everyone you see
But still never lessens;

Smile is such easy wealth
It requires no time
Nor any hardwork;

Smile is great accessory
Wear it everyday
For it will forever stay;

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two roads did diverge

Looking back I see many a times
Two roads did diverge in my path;
Sometimes I chose the one seldom traveled
Sometimes I chose the one frequently traveled;

Looking back I see many a times
Two roads did diverge in my path;
What if I had chosen the one I left behind
Would that have a made a difference?

Looking back I see many a times
Two roads did diverge in my path;
Whichever is chosen leads where you have to be
And that is the mysterious way of life!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stand Strong and Tall

Take me to the desert
Take me to the mountains
Take me to the deep valleys
Take me wherever you want
But just do not leave my hand
So I can stand strong and tall;
For I will stumble and fall
Anywhere without you, Lord!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Foggy Morning

I wondered if I was flown above the clouds
White mist gently drifting all around
Branches of trees peeping out the misty air
Many a firefly fluttering in front of me
I was withheld to go get them
Only by the angry eyes moving ahead
Headlights of cars deceiving as fireflies
Driving in a foggy morning!


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