Saturday, March 9, 2013

Swiss Family Robinson

These days, I look for movies which I and kids could watch together. I have seen quite a few and all of a sudden I thought it might be helpful if I record those films. May be we could see those later again. So here I start..
Yesterday we watched a movie named 'Swiss Family Robinson'. Its a 1960 Walt Disney movie. A family traveling to New Guinea gets shipwrecked. The captain and the crew abandon the ship and the family is left alone in the broken ship. They manage to get to a tropical island nearby. The family of three boys with their parents try to do their best to stay alive and happy. The elder boys and the father bring as much stuff as possible from the broken ship and build a tree house. They also try to find out if there was any population nearby. In the mean time they discover pirates who are roaming nearby. The family works together a plan to fight the pirates. Finally when the pirates arrive, the family fights them off bravely.

It is a great story about staying together as a family in all circumstances. Would love to watch again one day with my boys.


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