Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Onions are pink

It was an usual morning and I was preparing to cook lunch. I started peeling onions and thence I told my eight year old son Alan that I will give him three letters and he should try to come up with something using those words. I told him he can use more words but those three words  should be used. Then I gave him the words - onion, red, peel. And to my joy he came up with a beautiful poem which I thought would record and share here in my blog. Well, here it goes...

"Onions are pink
Apples are red
When you peel onions your eyes water
When you peel apples your mouth waters"

I think it is indeed great and hope you all like it. 

- Proud mom :)


  1. Ada Ada.. Yes it is great.. Super hani kanna.. :) pulikku piranthathu poonai aaguma :)

    1. :) thanks Srini! will convey your compliments to him.

  2. Wow!! Good one Hani..Expecting more from you :))


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