Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Love

My Love, here's your birthday
May you be blessed in bounty 
I do not carry any gift in my hands
I have kept them free to hold yours

Indeed I was caught 
By the thought 
To give you a present
To make your day pleasant

Darling! I went to buy a bouquet
The flowers said , 'Your love,
Is brighter and more fragrant'
So I went to buy a gemstone
All the gems rattled, 'Your love,
Is precious than all of us combined'

So I went to buy a dress
Which too rustled, 'Your love,
Does not have wear and tear'
So I looked up at the sky
Only to see the moon hide

Wondering what to gift you
Strolled I, clueless wasn't I?
Caressed by the breeze
An idea bloomed in my sense
And here am I, having filled 
The air with my love, all around

That is my gift unseen
Yet always with you
No matter where you are
My Love will be there
Happy Birthday!

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  1. Wow.. wow .. Wonderful.. Am sure Albert would have had tears after reading this :)


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