Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Put me in the zoo

My kids and I enjoy many a books, its hard to remember all of those. When my friends ask me to recommend a book for their kids or sometimes when I plan to buy a book as a gift with little time in hand, I do forget about few good ones. What's the big issue when I do have a blog? I've been thinking to record the books we like, if not useful today am sure it would be a great recollection in the later years. So here I start, with "Put me in the zoo" by Robert Lopshire.  Sounds as if it said to me, "put me in the blog!", right?

Well, coming to the book, its a great hit with kids. First its about a dog, and what more do kids want! The story goes likes this. A dog wants to be put in the zoo. (huhhhh??). When the zoo personals refuse to do so the frustrated dog shows his tricks to a boy and girl, to convince them that he should be put in the zoo. The tricks the dog does with his spots amuses the kids. 

pic taken from our book

It kind of teaches the colors too. Anyways the boy and the girl think the dog should not be in the zoo. What!!!?? Yes, they think he should be in the circus!! :-)
Read and enjoy the book. Hope you will like it.

Note: This is just for my records and kind of a review and I intend of no copyright violation.


  1. Sounds interesting.... Animalsnaalae hit with children:) will recommend for lekha :)


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