Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dreaming doesnt harm, right?

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A day has reached its end and the sun is ready to set in around an hour or so. The cuckoo staying in my clock coos 5 times. I am in my kitchen amidst the flavour of the boiling tea. No sooner did I switch off the burner than my son shouts in joy "Appa Appa". Here my sweet heart enters the door with a warm smile. He picks up my son, turns towards me and says " hi Darling, where's the little one?" "He is sleeping dear", with that I peek at my younger one to make sure he is comfortably sleeping. My husband changes and comes as I bring the tray of tea and milk for my elder son. We sit together, chit chat about the day and enjoy the tea time.

Half of an hour has passed and the little one is up. When the cuckoo coos six times we leave the door for a stroll around the neighbourhood. The evening breeze is so relaxing. I watch my elder son holding his dad's hand and hopping happily chatting something. I follow listening to him while pushing the stroller. The sun is going down content of having painted the sky in a hue of red and yellow.
"Amma, I want..." am awakened from my dream... I see the clock, with small hand between 9 and 10 and the big hand at 10.


  1. i think this dream is being lived after coming to US :)

  2. to an extent yes Srini.. :-)


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