Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My son's graduation

Today I feel so great and happy. My elder son graduated from his preschool, yes preschool :)
Graduation is no longer limited to attaining one's actually means the rite of passage- the ritual of passing on to the next higher level. Hence its appropriate in my son's preschool as the senior kids are passing on to the next level, big school, to the big world and to bigger responsibilities. The kids were feeling very special that they beamed and were glowing.
There also was a program, "couples of national integrity" in which the kids came as couples of different states of India. It was a splendid sight to see the kids clad as brides and grooms, walking the stage as couples and announcing which state they were from. My son was a UttarPradesh groom today. He looked absolutely handsome and royal. His words came out sharp and clear in the mike "We are from Uttar Pradesh". I felt very glad to watch him, indeed beamed inside.

Then the kids sang a song and then was the main event of the day, graduation. The chief guest Mrs.Usha, Principal of India International school gave away the graduation certificates. The kids also sang "the small light of mine" with a torch held in their hands.
It was a great day altogether and I ennjjooyyed every moment of the function in my beloved son's school. This day will forever remain green in my heart, even after my son gets many degrees later.

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