Sunday, August 24, 2014

Memorable Teacher Appreciation gift

Teachers shape our lives
They make it bright
Teachers guide our ways
Saying thanks is right!

Every year we have a new teacher who does her/his part in molding our lives. Come year end, we move on to a higher level leaving the teacher behind. But they will stay in our hearts forever. How about giving them a small token of love and appreciation? That's what we do for the kids' teachers, most prevalently in the US. There is a Teachers Appreciation Week in the month of May. Apart from that we can also show our gratitude by the year end.  I took up that charge in my son's preschool in May 2012. We had two wonderful teachers.
Teachers' day is close by and I thought it would be appropriate to publish my long awaiting post.

It clicked in my thoughts that kids bloomed into beautiful flowers with the help of the teachers. I took this as the theme. So I cut out flower shapes from cardboard and gave two to each child, without the knowledge of the teachers. I requested the other parents to help the child color the flowers and hand it over to me by a specific date.
I also took printouts of the kids' photos and cut them into small circular shapes, as seen in the picture. I pasted the pictures on one side of the flower.  I bought two  nice glass vases, sponge, stem and leaves from the craft store. Arranged the two flower pieces each had child colored on either side of the stem and glued those. So the flower would be colored with an optional message to the teacher like 'love you' on one side and on the other side, the child's picture which I pasted. When these were arranged in the vase with foam inside, it made a beautiful arrangement. I labelled the vase with the class name and year.
We had a small party in the class during the last week of school. Made the kids hand over the gift to both the teachers. The teachers were very happy to see the surprise gift with all the kids' pictures. They absolutely loved it!! One of the teachers had it in her living room and she hugged me saying that she loved it a lot and had it in her living room making her kids jealous of it. It was my great pleasure to put together that gift for two lovely teachers. Am grateful to them and my son loves them both and misses them.
Am glad that my son got to have such wonderful teachers!


  1. GR8!! really an awesome idea dear!! done a great job indeed:)) sure it'll give that young minds a long lasting remembrance of their favourite teacher:)

    1. Thanks dear!
      True, they will remember forever.. :)


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