Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Horse and Crow

I started the story to Alvin, and it had its own twists..hilarious :-)
One sunny day, a horse was grazing in the meadow. It was full and satisfied and then it was looking around lazily. When the horse looked at the sky above, he saw a horse shaped cloud. He said hi, "neigh, neigh"(act like a horse here) to the cloud-horse. Then it asked the cloud-horse where it was going. The cloud-horse replied, "around the world". So the horse from the meadow wanted to join the cloud-horse. So he started walking with the cloud. (Now, Alvin saw a apple picture on the wall and asked me to tell a apple story). 
After walking a long distance the horse was hungry. So the horse looked around for something to eat. He saw some apple trees. He plucked one apple and ate that. (Alvin interrupted here saying, "apple பிரேக் ஆனவுடனே காக்கா வந்துச்சு"!!!!! I said utterly astonished, "காக்காவா?!!" and he said, குட்டி காக்காமா!", with a mischievous smile. We both laughed and continued with the story.
The horse took another apple and when he bit that, a crow came out. Seeing a crow come out of a apple the horse was taken aback. He started running without turning back. When he rested he saw a crow sitting on a tree. The horse said to the crow, "I know you came from an apple.". The crow was shocked and furious at the horse, "Are you mad, foolish horse?" and it flew away. The crow narrated this to all its friends and all the crows started saying, "foolish horse! foolish horse!". The horse was very angry and gave a kick to the crows. The crow screamed in pain, "kkaaa" and from then all the crows are saying "கா கா கா..."!!!!
Me and Alvin were laughing for long time saying the story again and again. hehehehe think its a great hilarious story, forget about any logic. :-) Tell teh story with expressions and actions and am sure kids will love this story. ;-)


  1. crow kaka kathurathuku eppadi oru explanationaa :) Baby and baby amma'nalla dhan mudiyum ippadi oru imagination panna :)

  2. hehehehhehooooohaahahahahhohohaahaha.. very funnyla Srini? I started the story..and twisted according to Alvin :-)even now we are laughing like anything.....

  3. lol:)..yeah..yeah..alvin voice & expression kekum pothu romba hilarious errukum :)

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  5. eppidi ippidi ellam?????????????????
    thaanga mudiyalappa samy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But u r really gr8!!!!!!!!!

  6. thx Meena..btw adhuva varudhu..enna pannuradhu ;-) hehe


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