Sunday, August 14, 2011

Independence Day

Wishing Happy Independence Day, whether or not feeling inside the heart;
Whether or not understanding the true meaning of it;
Its high time, we realize our part, instead of looking around for pits; Just a few simple things will make a wonderful India -
1.Respect traffic signals, even if tens around us don't; Make a difference!
2.Do not just throw trash onto the roads making sure its out of our car or house, it ends up on the land, OUR country!
3.Do not take the monuments for granted-lets do our small part to preserve them. Instead of just talking about great kings and scholars of India, understand their cause and what they foresaw, in the depth of our mind. I think that understanding and feeling itself will make us do what we have to do!
Pass on stories about the heritage of ancient India, about  pre-independence and what it took to gain freedom, to the younger generation! Its our responsibility to enlighten our children and make them feel proud, and make them feel responsible!
A lot more could be added, I could write a big essay....let each of us think about that...Am tired of people saying Happy Independence Day, watching movie, eating popcorn, leaving the trash on the seat; Am tired of people saying Happy Independence Day, but could not wait in signal for a few minutes, or do not follow the lanes; Am tired of many more things....Am not wishing Happy Independence day...I wish every citizen of India understands what it is to be a free Nation, and what it takes to be a good citizen! God Bless India and all Indians!!


  1. correctaa sonningaa.yep..these are very simple things which we can do for making a better/cleaner India and which I also have been following for sometime now. :-)

    Happy Independence Day !! :-)

  2. superb! and it's true.i'll try to follow tht and teach my kids!!well said.


I appreciate your valuable comments, Thanks!


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