Monday, August 1, 2011

The Invader

Something caught my eye
When I was relaxing
I turned to figure out
And My goodness!!
There he was running swiftly
Across my living room!
I slowly went around
to grab my weapon, a mop-
All the while resting my eyes on him.
He went behind the couch
and I stood there thinking
what is best, to hit
or to wait for my husband!
But then, that will be too late
So I collected all my courage,
and gave a swing with the mop..
He ran to the other side,
and under the couch
I poked here and there,
the mop refusing to reach him
I came in and locked my room
He, the invader under the couch!
Wish he comes out when I have help
Then he would be hit and thrown out!
Giving me goosebumps..I detest him
what an invader, a cockroach!!!!!


  1. Funny & Nice One Grace !!.. But finally Cockroach escaped... Hail the brave Cockroach !! :)

  2. Cockroach aa adikaama...kavidhai ezhudhura mudhal he is no where to be found

  3. //what is best, to hit
    or to wait for my husband!//

    Hey Albert, you got mentioned in the poem too.. :-))

    Grace, a nice one

  4. thx Srini and Sriram.
    yes, benefit of being a poet's husband ;-) hehehe

  5. Grace..thirumbi padikarappa oru question vanthuchu.. why it is 'he'...why not she?.. neeinga adikkara maathiri poem errukaruthu naalae 'he'yaa? :)

  6. andha cockroach'e als thaan gra sandhegam varadha madhri poem irukku. well done, Grace! I like your energy level. :)

  7. lol Jegan,,good imagination!!


I appreciate your valuable comments, Thanks!


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