Monday, August 1, 2011

Serenity I would have missed...

While having dinner my younger son asked me if it has become dark outside. I said no and he wanted to go and see what's there in the sky. So my husband and kids went out for a stroll to find out. I finished my dinner and stepped out too. They were not in sight. Resisted strongly by the caress of the breeze to go back inside, I stood there in the porch. What a beautiful sight it was! The pool waters sparkling gold here and there, dancing so gently. The sky was covered in dark clouds except for two white patches of clouds. The serenity was only complimented by the chirps of the crickets. I would have stood there for eternity if God had not sprinkled from the clouds. I came in with the tranquility of the wonderful scene. I would have missed that had I not stepped out.


  1. //"serenity was only complimented by the chirps of the crickets", "God had not sprinkled from the clouds"//

    Very Poetic !!..Super choice of words..Super Super !!


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