Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thumb Print Reindeer Gift Tags DIY

Its Christmas and is all about giving. Gifts and of course gift tags to make sure we got everybody in our list. We can get those little gift tags which says From and To, write the names and attach to the gifts. But what fun is that! How about making the gift tag ourselves? As simple as it may be, it says we enjoy the process, love the person receiving the gift, and we take time for them.
And of course, save money. Whooo!! Festive time!! You get it! :)

Lets see what did we do for making gift tags. Simple! Fun too!

My son touched his thumb in brown paint and printed all over a construction paper. Just take it easy, random prints. Added eyes with glue initially, but noticed it kind of evaporated after a while. But it leave a mark for the eyes. So we just used markers over them later.

Add horns and nose with sharpies.

Cut the sheet into small pieces to make a gift card. My son did it on his own. Some were square tags and some rectangle. Reindeers decided it all, i think. ;-)

Heard from the teachers and others that they loved this idea. Mission Accomplished!

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