Monday, December 19, 2016

Mason glass jar snowman illuminare DIY

Glass jar snowman illuminare.
This was done in class holiday party in my son's class, thanks to the crafty mom for this idea.

Things Needed: 

  • Mason jar/glass jar with lid
  • pipe cleaner (red and white)
  • pom poms
  • black buttons
  • air dry clay (orange color)
  • battery-operated candle
  • fluffy snow available craft stores or I think we can use scraps of white shopping bag
  • modpodge 
Glue two black button for the eyes. Then  make a nose with air dry clay and stick that to the jar in place. Apply mod podge all over the jar. And then pour the fluff snow over it. The snow will stick to the dry clear modpodge. Apply as much fluff snow as needed.

For the ear muff, glue red pom poms to the ends of the pipe cleaner and then attach it to the lid with glue gun. place a battery operated candle inside and close the lid. Makes a beautiful snowman.

I didn't hang it in the Christmas tree thinking the jar is heavy for my tree. If you think your tree can hold it, you can use this as an Christmas tree snowman ornament.

Have you seen the wooded plaque snowman ornament?

Merry Christmas!

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