Saturday, December 10, 2016


Its Advent, a wonderful time of the year. We are already in the third week of Advent. We await the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Houses are cleaned, Christmas trees put up, adorned with ornaments, glittering and shimmering. Lights sparkle, illuminating the outside and the inside of houses. Recipes are discussed and menus are planned.  Dresses and gifts bought, kept ready for the festive day. Letters to Santa posted promptly, and of course greeting cards  posted to friends and families.

Whom am I going to invite for lunch, for dinner? What does he/she like, or better still, what did that person give me last year? And yes, someone out there is talking about giving. Get that something and give it away. Everything is done perfectly, let's rejoice as its festive time, Christmas time.
Well, well, well, am I missing something? Is there something more important? What about my heart? Is it ready? Is it clean? Have I opened the doors so that Christ can enter, and perhaps be there forever? Or am I closing the door of my heart to Jesus saying 'no room'? Because it's filled with ego, resentment, envy, anger, enmity,  hatred and what not?
Preparations are made, are they good enough and in line to receive the Savior? Or do I want Him to adjust, find a corner or worse yet no room at all for Him? Do we easily imitate the Inn Keeper, who turned away Joseph and Mary, closing his door to the coming of Jesus? He could have arranged a small corner, a simple place for the woman who was about to give birth. But he didn’t. It was easy for him to turn them away so that he can concentrate on his business, making earthly riches.

Today, I hear and read that Christ should be the center of Christmas. Am I keeping Him at the center? While I say, "Its CHRISTmas time" am I aware of the true meaning? Or am I thinking of Christmas trees, lighting, cookies and stockings?
That Innkeeper's eyes were closed to see the Savior, who it was who had come to his door that wintry night. We confess, year after year, century after century, that that Innkeeper turned Joseph and Mary away. What about us, after about two thousand years, who believe that, that baby born in the manger is the Son of God? Does Jesus at least get a small corner if not at the center? Are we able to open the door even after believing, even after knowing? True Christmas lies in the answer to this question.
Blessed Advent!

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