Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Family Fun - Fingerpainting Christmas Tree

I always enjoy doing activities with my kids. And its even more special during festive time. But these days my kids' interests have changed a lot and so planned craft making is kind of dwindling. But when I try to do something on my own, it never fails to catch their attention. I was planning for a holiday party and wanted to try some crafts. And also I've been thinking of an idea of family finger painting christmas tree.  So I grabbed washable tempera paint and set up on the table. No sooner did I laid out the  paint and paper
than the kids were ready asking if they can do. Ahha!

We applied paint in the palm and made impressions on a sheet of white construction paper. We started with my husband's palm at  the bottom of the paper, which would be the base of the xmas tree. Then I applied paint in my palm and painted the next higher level. Then it was my kids' turn. We overlapped layers so that our xmas tree is thick.

Time to add some ornaments! We dipped the back of paint brushes and just stamped all over. And made a star at the top.

Did you notice just two big ornaments? That was made with a cork, but my kids did not like the impression of it. So just settled with two - one for each  of them.

Our family finger paint Christmas tree is ready! We could just display it or use it for wrapping gifts.

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