Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Paper Angel craft - Christmas ornament

Its December, time for holiday parties! And that warrants a holiday craft - either a Christmas craft or winter craft. When I was thinking about holiday party next week in school, I remembered a paper plate angel craft which I had done in my son's 3 year old class in preschool.
It was a great hit but then I used to record many activities in individual private blogs for my sons. Today I thought its a good idea to post it here for the public audience. So here we go!

Just cut out two pieces, wing and the body from a paper plate, so it will be easier for the kids to glue them  together. If kids are old enough and are practicing scissor skills, we can let them cut with adult supervision.

I had put the glitter over the head for a halo and at the bottom for a border. I gave sequins to the kids and helped them glue to the body part. Little angels were excited to make this paper angel. We drew smiling mouth and eyes using markers. I helped the kids select the eye color according to their own eye color. It was fun and the kids got to know about their physical trait. I like two-in-one activities,
preferably more-in-one. ;-)

The teachers and the other parents too liked this craft as it was different from normal foam and felt crafts! Modify the craft according to kids age, in terms of the level of assistance. This makes a beautiful angel ornament if a string is attached.

Happy Holiday Partying! Merry Christmas!

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