Monday, January 30, 2012

Martyrs' Day

India's joy of Independence was shadowed on January 30th 1948. The great leader who lead the Nation to Independence, a great leader, Mahatma Gandhi fell down to a bullet discharged by a man named Nathuram Godse! What a loss to India! A great blow soon after Independence! Mahatma Gandhi struggled for our Nation's freedom, sacrificed a lot and finally gave up his life for India. How disheartening his death would have been to the people and the other leaders! Yet, its joyful that India has grown to be a great Nation! And to honor our Father of Nation, the date he was assassinated is observed as Martyrs' day in India! We pay homage not only to Mahatma Gandhi, but also to the many martyrs who gave up their lives for the sake of our Nation. A 2 min silence is observed at 11 am on January 30th throughout India in all Government offices, schools etc. Wherever we are we should think of all those martyrs who has given us a safe and free country to live in. We should not be taking things for granted. Having not seen the struggle or hardships faced before Independence should not drag us back in our feeling of gratitude for whatever we have today! There might be some potholes here and there, but inspite of all those we have a free country to live in. Lets respect the martyrs and our Nation and do our parts to make it a better country day by day!
Vande Mataram!

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  1. Nice post Grace. Gandhi has been a inspiration to the world. Top leaders like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mendala have been inspired by our 'Father' and have gone on to great things to their nation. So it was great loss that we lost Gandhi in such a manner..:(


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