Thursday, January 19, 2012


Looked up in the sky and
Got mesmerized by the dawn;
The tranquil blue shield above
Streaked with orange flames;
The crescent smiled at the twilight
Tickled by a orange streak of cloud passing by;
The majestic Sun ascended from behind the woods
Saying peek-a-boo to the crescent;
Neither the chillness on my cheeks
Nor the sight of my cold breath
Hinder me from watching the fascinating scene
Until the crescent went hiding in the bright light!

It was freezing cold. I dropped my son and came back. But stopped outside to watch the beautiful day break and went for a short stroll gazing at the sky! Wonderful start of the day!


  1. //Saying peek-a-boo to the crescent//
    Super Imagination Grace..eppadi ippidi yoskkirangalo :-). As always a good one :-) and learnt a word tranquil.

  2. Wonderful Grace!!. However beautiful it is, I wouldn't dream of standing out in this weather.

  3. Good one dear...this is exact reason why I encourage you to go and drop kutti in school in the morning ;-)


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