Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nature - diverse and powerful

The sun shines bright
Yet the mild wind chills;
Its inappropriate to ask,
which is powerful, for...
Both are mighty in their own!
And this is the thought I got
While going for a walk!

Row of trees which stood bare
Sprang into life within a week
Colorful flowers blossom all over
Dancing to the chirps and squeaks
How do they know this is the time?
Where was this life hidden all winter?
Seasons are four, knowing their power and time

The nature is so wonderful
With hills, plains, oceans and deserts
With all its hues and colors
Few calm and few noisy
Whatever it is, it so beautiful
And this is the thought I got
While going for a walk!


  1. Simple,Imaginative,admirable poem. oru walk porae apaa idhu ellam thonumaaa.. I guess Admiration & Imaginations are seeds for a poem. Next time naan office'la erunthu walk panni varaeppa let me try to enjoy surroundings instead of just listening to ipod.

  2. yes Srini, even while going in car, I enjoy the nature around..ofcourse not while am driving ;-)


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