Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moving flowers

Once I was taking a walk along the woods. All of a sudden I was attracted by a wonderful fragrance. I was curious to find out. So I followed the scent. I sniffed and sniffed and took 5 steps to my right.
(My son asked, "Amma, are you making up?". I said, "May be yes or may be not". He asked, "How old were you? and I replied, "hmmmm 2 years"! My son gave a look at me and smiled. I continued with the story.)

I sniffed and sniffed and took 5 steps to my left. I sniffed and sniffed and took 10 steps to my right. Then I took 15 steps to my left.

 (I told this for few times with different numbers).

And there I saw a very huge tree with lots of flowers. The flowers were of many colors - some were yellow, some were red. There were orange, blue, purple, pink, white, peach, violet flowers in many different hues.
 (Here, my son interrupted again, "amma, is this real?" and I said, "May be yes or may be not" ).

I wanted to take some flowers home. So I reached out my hand to a red flower. The flower moved an inch away from my hand. Then I tried plucking a yellow one and it too moved away. All the flowers moved away from me and I was not able to pluck one. I got tired but I was determined, "Am not going home without taking one". I tried foe some more time and then became very tired. I walked a little away and saw a brook. I drank some water and then I thought, "Am thirsty chasing the flowers, the flowers must be thirsty too, running away from me.". So I scooped water in my tiny hand and went back to the tree and poured. I went again to the brook to bring somemore water. I poured 25 handfuls of water and so walked 49 times to get water for the tree. Again I drank water and then sat down under the tree. I said to myself, "I will go home with flowers". And I heard a voice. The tree said to me, "Sweetest baby in the world! You gave me water and walked so much to get that. So I will give you fifty flowers, but not a single flower more than that". I was very happy and reacehd for the flowers. this time they didn't run away. So I plucked 50 flowers in different colors and ran back home.

(My son interrrupted here, "How did you go back home?")
I took 15 steps to my right, 10 steps to my left, 5 steps to my right.....
(My son said, "amma you should go back reverse, in the order as you had come to the tree". My God!! and I said yes, I followed that route!!! :-P )

I went home and gave the flowers to my mother. she was very happy and she has that flowers even today.

(My son asked again, "Amma, did you make up or is this real? I said, "May be yes or may be not". We were in all smiles and sure we three enjoyed the story. I was happy with my new story. And please note its very educational and fun as well. :-) )


  1. Wow.. a lovely story. Tonight story for dheekshu..

  2. stories turning into educational stuff!!! nice one...

    yaruku sonnenga? Alvin or hani or both?

  3. Thx..Dheekshu and Nachu..I told the story to both


I appreciate your valuable comments, Thanks!


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