Sunday, June 19, 2011

Me, a bad amma

Always thinking for the kids. What can I play? What activity can I do? How to engage them so that TV or electronic time is minimal? How to stimulate their minds? How to build a strong foundation?,  etc etc.
Well, yesterday morning after waking up late, making kids' favorite pasta, then feeding them both while letting them play interestingly, I felt tired and dizzy, may be because I had not eaten. So by the time I was about to eat it was 11.30 am. Kids wanted TV and I said yes, but for half an hour. In that time I finished breakfast, prepared for lunch and took the kids out to play. Then it was 1.05pm and kids wanted TV again. So I said yes to TV and went to finish off my cooking. It was 2.20 when I asked the kids to switch off TV, but they were not willing to do. So I lost my patience and shouted and then TV was switched off. Well, after lunch and resting for a while, kids went to the swimming pool. After coming back and taking bath they were playing. And I went to take bath and we had plans to go out in the evening. By the time I took bath, they were watching TV again, along with my husband who had put something. I got very uncomfortable. So I came and switched it off. My husband told the kids, "if you had not seen much time in the afternoon, now I would have seen TV"!!!! And my elder son came and told me, "amma you are getting bad" !!!!!???!!!!! I try to control my wishes to see TV for the sake of kids. I want them to get their physical. I play with them even if am tired or not interested. I want them to learn more things. And I am bad amma. Am very happy now!!!!! Don't I know to give them TV or video games and spend time for myself? Will stop here.....


  1. Hey!! do not take it seriously Grace.. those words just comes out frustration. that's it. Once they are old enough to understand your position, they will surely appreciate you for what you are. Take my word.

  2. heeheee.. So Hani got u frustrated! :D I guess many moms are branded like this mainly coz its mom who pushes all the yucky green leaves and the rice when the kids dont want it and the TV restriction and all that.. Anyways they will appreciate once they are older or even now when they play all interesting things with you :)


I appreciate your valuable comments, Thanks!


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