Monday, June 20, 2011

experiment with art

I always like artwork and crafts. But I've been thinking am not so good in drawing and its a fact. The point is, now even if am not a great artist I want to try not shy to display my not-good works. :-) And having kids is an advantage now, that I can try many things with them. Not to mention the fact that the kids are not interested in few of those activities. Anyways I do it!
I liked my friend's daughter's painting, she had done a painting method of Wassily Kandinsky. And I tried something similar to it..drawing with crayons and then a coat of water color. Here it is...
I dropped a bouquet in water!!!! Howz it? :-)
And then I tried drawing flowers and coloring them with different shades. But couldn't get the effect I wanted. My husband said, I should get a nice paint and try that and that it wont come nicely with normal water color. Whatever, I wanted to put that too..Even though it is not very nice, its good enough for me and I had a good me-time doing this while kids were sleeping ;-)

But thanks to my friend and her daughter Dheekshu for having given me this idea..Its so interesting and am trying more...will add once I take pictures of those.

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