Sunday, December 31, 2017

Embracing the New Year 2018

Just about closing the cover
Just going once over the pages
As this year passes by
Bringing about a fresh one
I ponder over just a little bit 

Myriad of moments
Oh, good and bad
Joyful and painful!
Out of all have I come through
All by His grace, all by His love
All by His incessant mercy!

Yet, yet  I realize 
How silly I have been
Panicking some days
While He was holding me!
As I close this year
Treasuring some moments
And thanking God
I only ask 
Lord, strenghen my faith! 
For I love you
But you love me more!

Embracing the New Year 2018 snug in the arms of my Father Almighty! Blessed New year to all!
with love
Grace Piradhiba

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