Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Science Birthday Party Experiments

Had a Science birthday party for my son, specifically Chemistry themed party. Made a periodic table birthday cake, which I have posted already. I made the birthday banner with the element names and atomic number for each of the letter of 'Happy Birthday'. Added few images of beakers from the internet. And I had arranged for some cool Science experiments at home. I was actually skeptical whether the boys would like it..but they just loved it!! They had absolute fun and that's what I wanted!!

The table set with the necessary ingredients for the experiments.

The following is the list of experiments that I had planned. I was flexible with the boys' choice for the order and also which ones they wanted to do. I had printed out instructions and the Science behind each experiment and handed those to the boys to read.

  1. Dancing raisins
  2. Self-inflating balloons  
  3. Stick bomb
  4. Spaghetti Tower challenge
  5. Spaghetti structure strength
  6. Oobleck dance
  7. Spaghetti beam strength

We did the first six experiments and didn't have time to do the 7th. Because, when we tried the 6th, the oobleck dancing experiment, it didn't work as expected and the oobleck didn't dance. So what, the boys started dancing and then parents started coming to pick up their kid.


I appreciate your valuable comments, Thanks!


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