Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Family Fun - Spaghetti Strength Balancing

How strong is spaghetti? How much strain it can tolerate before bending and before breaking? Can a bunch of spaghetti hold a book or two? Or even more? How do engineers build a bridge? How do they build a multilevel parking lot? What factors do they consider before building? WOW! How many questions arise? And how many more in kids' minds. Won't it be fun to feed those questions? Won't it be fun trying to understand?

  • Box of spaghetti or dry noodles
  • Styrofoam blocks 
  • books
  • toy cars
Poke a number of  spaghetti over a piece of foam and try balancing a book. When it holds try adding more books. If it breaks reconstruct the structure with better engineeering. Most of all have fun!

Checking the strength of single spaghetti. Oh yeah, it stands upright on a base, bends and breaks!

A bunch balancing two small books. Can I add more?

Not a good idea, looks like!

What can be done? Will adding strength help? Think so...but how? More number of spaghetti? Closer together? Lets try. 

One more book? May be next time..Happy with this now! Can I park my car on top? Why not?

Its all about trying, fixing and learning. So much thought goes into constructing!

Learning material strength and choosing the right materials for our needs is the key. Hmmm..may be I should use twigs, no no ..thick sticks or forks...or rods...

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