Sunday, November 13, 2016

Runaway Turkey - Thanksgiving craft

Its that time of the year again, people call it Thanksgiving and gobble us up!!! Run! Run! Gobble Wobble! Its the turkey escape! Roll like a ball, loose a feather or few, but run far your life!

Its simple drawing for young hands! Step by step pictures below.

Add some black feathers with black oil pastel. Note those run away legs in brown color.

Some more white feathers with white oil pastel. These will show up with crayon resist technique. Just apply watercolor over and the white will be visible.

Brown feathers with watercolor. This step brings out the white feathers done with oilpastel.

Finally the its a runaway turkey - running head over heels!!! Perfect thanksgiving turkey  craft for little kids!


I appreciate your valuable comments, Thanks!


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