Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Family Fun - Finger Paint Figures

Finger painting is fun for all ages. Just dip your finger in paint and move it around - structured or unstructured! When done with family its even more enjoyable. Kids love to see the parents get messy with their hands, believe me! It gives them a happiness thinking that their parents are like them after all! :-) So here is a beautiful art which we did as family by finger painting.
I had a pre-stretched canvas and prepared it with gesso. Gesso is like a paint primer and protects the surface of the canvas as well the brushes. Once the gesso was completely dry, we can paint on the canvas.

My husband, two kids and I used our thumbs and index fingers (think my little one used his pinkie too) and made patterns like flowers.

What is a flower that doesn't attract a bee! So we accommodated visiting bees too, and buttterflies and ladybug!

We used a black pen to draw.

Voila! We have this beautiful art hanging in our living room. And it sure caught the attention of a visitor today.

Have fun finger painting and making it come alive!

Happy weekend!


  1. Beautiful painting Grace - Dhiyana.

  2. இதை வகுப்பில் கூட செய்யலாம் ...
    மகிழ்வு பரவட்டும்

    1. ஆமாம் அண்ணா.. நன்றி :)

  3. super....normally we do with kids....but u included your hubby too..sounds cool..

    picture is beautiful...especially i like that yellow one...

    1. Yes, most of the activities with kids..but wanted to include hubby as much as I can :)
      Kids get more excited when dad is involved.

      Thanks Anuradha :) Yes, the bell flowers came out well.


I appreciate your valuable comments, Thanks!


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