Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome Sunlight

Weather is getting better and the sun is kind enough to shine through our windows. Me and my son open the blinds. We have lots of fun. A good way to start the day. On the course of our play, I found myself singing this.... And yes, I think it makes a good post in my blog!

"Welcome sunlight welcome
Into our sweet sweet home
You bring your warm light
And make our home bright

I play shadows with you
On the walls, on the floor
I see butterflies fluttering
Deers running, bunnies hopping

Its so much fun to play
The shadow game
Welcome sunlight welcome
Into our sweet sweet home"


  1. Nice Poem Akka ! Winter needs the Spring ! I am glad that you have started to enjoy the Spring !

  2. Thanks Mali. Yes, enjoying a lot.

  3. Nice, simple, pleasant poem as a morning sunlight :)

  4. thanks Srini. Yes, simple to play with kid.. I was singing this as I played with Alvin in the living room...then I wrote it down... :-)


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