Monday, March 7, 2011

Why is the Orange called Orange?

Why is the orange called orange? Why is apple not called red? May be because we have red apple and green apple, but have only orange orange. :-)
Well, I will tell the story of orange called an orange.
Once God created all the fruits and vegetables. He was naming each one of the fruit and each one of the vegetable. It was a grand ceremony attended by all the flowers, animals and birds. There was music and dance. It was all fun.
There was a huge applause when round red fruit was named Apple. Beloved Banana, gorgeous grapes and proud pineapple were all done.
Then rolled the round fruit. God named it grape fruit, because it was round and juicy like grapes. But the round fruit did not want to be called grape fruit. It wanted its own identity and asked God to name it Orange, on its color. Orange suited it as teh fruit was orange inside and outside. So God was about to agree. Then grapes came forward and said, " I was happy that you were going to name this fruit after my name. Please do not disappoint me". So God named the round fruit Orange. And then he created another similar fruit and named it 'grape fruit'. All the fruits were happy. So we have orange and grape fruit which looks like orange.

wow wow patting myself for this story :-). So no more confusions between orange and grape fruit!!!

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