Friday, February 25, 2011

Birbal and McQueen

The usual routine of bedtime stories for my two adorable sons is taking its own twists and turns. Very interesting ones, thanks to my princes. Well, today my elder one wanted a Akbar and Birbal story. The younger one was inclined towards McQueen story. Yes, Lightning McQueen, the race car is his favorite and always wants to talk and listen about it.
Coming back to the story, both wanted their own wish to be done first. I thought I was wise telling them that I'll tell a story which suits both their wishes. And I started, "Once there was a king named Akbar...". My younger one interrupted, "tell McQueen story"!! So I started, "There was a ...". Again interrupted, the story should start with "McQueen", the magic word!! God please help me... And here goes the story....
"McQueen was racing through the town one day. He came to the outskirts where he was attracted by an unusual trailer. He went straight to the trailer and climbed in."
(Here, I had to convince my elder one that Akbar and Birbal were on their way).
"McQueen saw many switches and lights inside the trailer. He was intrigued by a button with date panel near it. McQueen tried entering some numbers and pushed the button. The trailer started off in a sudden pulse. McQueen saw the trailer drive through different towns and cities, mountains and valleys and finally came to a stop.
McQueen slowly got down the trailer and was amused by the surroundings. There were different looking people, bullock-carts and horses, many many trees, and not a single car around him.
McQueen started moving around slowly looking at the new surroundings. The people were bewildered and frightened. They ran away from him and looked at McQueen from a distance, from behind trees and buildings. There was panic all over the town.
By the time, McQueen ran out of fuel and halted. He too was confused now, not knowing what to do.

Word reached the king about an unusual thing in the town. The king Akbar summoned his ministers. One of his minister, Birbal was very wise and clever. Akbar sent Birbal to look at "the animal" and decide the course of action.
When Birbal looked at McQueen, he remembered about motors he had read about. He went near McQueen and examined. He asked for a can of petrol and poured in the fuel tank. The grateful McQueen drove towards the trailer followed by Birbal. Birbal had read about time machines and so he was able to understand. Birbal was a very clever and wise minister, indeed.
Birbal pressed few buttons to send McQueen from where he had come from. McQueen revved up his engine to say thanks to Birbal. Birbal nodded with a smile. He closed the trailer and away it went.
People who were watching all the while, cheered for Birbal. Akbar felt proud of his favorite minister."

I said to my sons, "And McQueen came back here to say Good Night to you.".
End of story. My kids were really enchanted with this story. :)


  1. East meets the west.... or west meets east...I wonder how did Birbal know about modern mechanical stuff and time travel, did he study in Harvard?...Good creative thinking my dear... - Vinod

  2. Birbal is known for his wit and wisdom. He was an author and a poet too. I think with his wisdom, seeing things he could have figured out some logic, however modern they were....

  3. Excellent thinking Grace, mixing history with modern race cars. I liked the story. Why kids, I was enchanted myself.

  4. Very nice story Grace.. Story telling is not my department in our house. I think this story will help Sriram :-))---> Dhiyana

  5. Grace, pasangalukku if you have to tell the story again, the story will turn into Birbal and Titanic?? :-)


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