Friday, November 27, 2009

Do you know what your kid thinks?

It was just another day and it was time to prepare dinner. These days, after two kids I rarely get enthusiastic about cooking. And that was one of those rare days and I decided to make aloo gobi and phulka. My younger one started his nap at around 6.15 and I rushed to the kitchen. Cleaning the gobi and putting it in boiled water, making the dough and cutting two onions was all I could do before my younger one woke up. So I had to leave everything as it was and wait for my sister to come. When she came after about half an hour, I handed over my younger one and went back to the kitchen. And yes, that was surprising that I still had that enthusiasm. Orelse I would have kept the gobi in the fridge and settled with pickle and roti. Or in a better case would have handed over the job of cooking to my sister, with the condition that she should'nt ask for any instructions. If accidentally she asks, I would say "boil and put salt" :))
Well, back to the main stuff...I made aloo gobi and started rolling phulkas. May be because of some elder one wanted to do some cooking. He picked up few pans, spoons, little of the dough and little flour and started cooking in the living room. Yes, it was cooking, a noisy cooking indeed, for there was much mixing going on. My younger one too joined with his brother. I had to give him two small pans and spoons to avoid any ruffle. It was rather a rock concert in my living room. And again astonishingly I was not getting mad with the noise. After a while I told my kids, "It seems you both enjoy cooking. Am happy that after few years I wont have to cook. I could sit and relax while you both cook". My elder one retorted immediately "What job is this amma, I dont like. You cook and then compell me to eat." Myself and my sister looked at each other in astonishment. We were spell bound. I just finished making phulkas with those words echoing in my ears. It was definitely a different interpretation which I never imagined.

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  1. grace i think u started enjoying!!! with both kids than before am i right!!!!!!i should learn a lot from u about patience!!!!!!!Grt gng keep it up


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