Friday, July 10, 2009

Time for your near and dear ones

How many times do we say that we are busy and short of time, and postpond small things? It might be making a phone call, visiting a loved one, sending a mail etc. And those things never happen. Time is such an incredible treasure which is equally given to each and every individual. Do we realize its value? Just because we do a monotonous thing- doing our job, does not mean that we utilize time fully. We might be thinking that we are busy with so many things to be done. But does that leave an impact on our near and dear ones? Making a phone call and asking "how are you" passes on many a message to the receiver. He/she is happy that you think of them, care for them and love them. That does have a significant impact on their lives and in turn good for you too.
Sparing a few minutes amidst your work is not going to affect your work. If you are forever busy you will always remain so. But those few moments mean a lot to the other person. So now, stop saying am busy to make a call or to send a mail. The lightest change and effort will work wonders. Afterall life is all about love, friendship and relations.

Note: If you are on the receiving side please do not say 'am buzy and will talk later'. If you have to say so, do remember the 'later' part.

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