Monday, July 6, 2009

Save water for YOUR future

With global warming and melting glaciers, a basic resource is on the danger of depletion. Its the life of every life on earth-Water. As scientists do research and leaders of the Nations talk about saving resources, reducing global warming, saving the planet earth, what do we need to do as inhabitant of this planet. We as an individual have the moral responsibility of saving the resources we enjoy today, for the future generations. This could be achieved in easy day-to-day activities. I just give a small list of steps we can take for our own advantage as well as for the future.

  • Keep the tap closed while brushing and gargling, using a small cup of water for the same.
  • Keep the shower closed while shampooing and also fit water efficient shower-heads available today. More better is to use a bucket to take bath.
  • Collect the water used to rinse vegetables, fruits, rice and lentils and use it for watering plants, cleaning the sink, soaking etc.
  • Use a tub or bucket to rinse vessels while washing by hand. Run the dish washer with full load.
  • Run the laundry only with full load. This saves power and cuts your bill too.
  • Mopping the floor cleans well without wasting water.
  • Check for leaking pipes and taps and fix without delay, if any.
  • Use a small cup of water to wash hands after meals rather than washing under running water.
  • Use water wisely not only in your own house or land, but also when you stay in hotels or others' houses. Water wasted anywhere contributes to water loss from the earth thereby affecting us.
  • Use the water poured at the bottom of pressure cookers after cooking for cleaning vegetables, soaking etc.
  • Ice from ice trays could be used for cleaning, watering plants instead of just dropping into drain or defrosting.
  • Flush the toilet only when necessary. Don't flush just to clear a tissue paper, instead use the trash. Also half-flush when appropriate.
  • Wipe cars or bikes with wet cloth or use a commercial car wash which recycles water.
  • Think thrice before pouring water just like that into the drain. It will certainly help us have sufficient water for our basic need-drinking, in the future. After all we do not want to suffer from thirst anytime of our life.
  • Instruct children to close the faucets properly and enlighten them about water conservation. Watch small kids while they brush and take bath.
  • Above all, save the rain water given by nature itself without letting it go waste. Do rain water harvesting in the buildings.

Following these small tips can save liters of water without any loss for us. Above is just a negligible list of things we can do to save water. Please think and you will discover many more ideas.

Each drop of water saved today is for our own future, our own kids and grand kids.
Think and act wisely.

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