Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Being truthful

Bear witness to the truth! How hard is that in this world? Well, as hard as it sounds, it's  not completely impossible.

We all have something etched in our hearts over the course of our lifetime. Honesty and truthfullness is one among those for me. I always remember the Lord's promise that if we are honest in smaller things He will give us power over bigger riches. May be this promise is pumped in every beat my heart does.
Yes, I've had trials and temptations. But the good Lord never let me falter. I've come across money on the ground, but I always try to find the owner or put the money in the chapel or church.
If there is ever a billing error or if people give me more than the actual change, i always give it back. Never once it occurred to me to enjoy the false fruit.
I remember an incident which happened in college. I have a good friend and we both were competing in studies in a good way. Once during an internal exam I couldn't recollect an one word answer. It was right there struck in my throat, but not coming out.
While I was thinking hard, my eyes just fell on the paper of my friend. She was trying to tie her papers together and somehow in that instant that particular word caught my eyes!!!! I might have remembered after few seconds or I might not have. Now, the question is should I write the answer. It had surfaced as I saw the word in my friend's paper, unintentionally though.
I left without answering that question. Loosing one mark wouldn't bother me more than my conscience, if it thinks it wouldn't have remembered the answer had I not seen.

Life goes on...I work, take a break and then decide to get back. Am faced with truthfullness test again. And a test on my trust in God. But I know i would never fail for He has blessed me a lot.
For people tell me I should modify my resume to get job. But I haven't for the past two years and won't even if that means I will never get back in my previous line of career. I know God can provide me with opportunities for the truth. If I don't get, then its not His will. I choose to wait for Him to accomplish His plans for me.
Praise the Lord!


  1. Very nice dear, our good LORD will bless you with abundant richness

  2. A very timely true testimony that was added to the days forward in what's app. The good God will honour on His own right time. God bless.


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